Logo Design
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Jaime gervais seattlepd logo art

Sometimes we are permitted to use government logos in our shows however we rarely get high resolution versions of them so in this case I made my own version for police cars and patches on costumes.

Jaime gervais jaime gervais losdiablos
Jaime gervais jaime gervais ewdg1 2

These logos were created by hand and are all uniquely original.

Jaime gervais jaime gervais skyporter
Jaime gervais jaime gervais coffeelogo
Jaime gervais security
Jaime gervais wine
Jaime gervais remple
Jaime gervais jaime gervais hollylogo
Logo Design

Logos created from scratch and also used with various Stock Art from iStock, Bigstock etc. Tv shows do not allow a significant amount of time to design anything from scratch so a lot of stock art is used as a use form and manipulated to get what we want. Basically we need to come up with multiple logos within an hour at a time.

More artwork
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