Rahziel - The Jabalack
Rahziel - The Jabalack

Meet Rahziel, the Jabalack. A new creature from an illustrated book I’m working on.

Jabalacks are genderless, benevolent inter-dimensional beings who serve as guides and a protectors of those who seek their own truth. They are keepers of secrets beyond the world of the physical and can teleport their corporeal bodies across land, space and inter-dimensional planes to wherever they feel pulled.

The Jabalack’s origins are a mystery and can choose any form they wish for as long as they feel necessary. Some of which can have multiple different elements of creatures they admire from different species and may resemble a Chimera. Occasionally they can be found sleeping in transparent form as their bodies phase into other planes of existence to visit others who need them. Not everyone can see them, but they most certainly can sense them in varying degrees.

Rahziel in particular loves felines, winged creatures, Antler fungi and collecting little found souvenirs to either keep or gift, much like a Crow or a Magpie. Rahziel also carries stardust collected from various different places in a little crystalline star bottle around the neck and likes to chew on plants.

Prints of Rahziel the Jabalack are available at my shop: https://bit.ly/ArtOfJaimeGervais

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